Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our Terms & Conditions Page

Your happiness is of utmost importance to me and when you receive your book, I want you to feel excited, happy, comforted. That is why I take care in ensuring your books are packaged correctly in a way that eliminates damage. I do however use fulfilment partners on some orders, and in this case, do not have direct control over the conditions your books are posted to you, but I can assure you, the fulfilment partners I use are pros at delivering books and take as much care as possible. But should your book come to you in a state you are not happy with (bent, torn, dirty) then please do contact me on shirley@shirleyharvey.com and I will endeavour to correct the problem.

As for other terms and conditions here are some listed in a useful but rather dull layout for you

  • All sales of books are non-refundable unless damaged in transit, with proof of damage to the book and the packaging.
  • If you ordered the wrong item by mistake, I can make exchanges, but the postage costs will be applied to your account.
  • For wholesale orders, I do not accept returns (unless of course, the items have been damaged in transit).
  • When you purchase through us my shop I will retain your email address and send you information regarding other products from time to time. Your information will be held as per our Privacy Policy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you for ordering from me, I will do my best to ensure you are left smiling when you receive your order.

Shirley x