Where the light gets in – Painting 1


Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches

Fancy shmancy arty farty description: This series of paintings is all about exploring the light within ourselves. It is about exposing our our light by integrating the darkness and shadow side of ourselves and life. Only can we truly come home to ourselves when we turn towards, love and accept the full extent of who we are, which includes all aspects of the shadow side. You are a beautiful and powerful radiant beam of light. You are made from the same stuff that was present in the Big Bang and made all of existence.

Shirley’s description: errrrmm you forgot just how amazing you are again, didn’t you? This art makes you feel good baby, because I painted it with lots of high vibing love and light, so it’s infused with it and radiates it back out atcha for its whole life time. How? I don’t know, but its energy right? The stuff of everything, and it’s in this painting, the highest most loving kind of energy (like seriously, I even sang and danced lots while painting it, and grinned at it like the Cheshire Cat) and if you hang it on your wall, its gonna fill your house with this loving energy and fill You with it too, for like forever…or until you croak…then you can leave it in your will to a grumpy person who needs some cheering up and it can work magic on them too…

BONUS: If you buy this painting you can also meet with me on video chat for a chit chat about art, the universe and everything, or just about nonsense. It’s your choice. This way you get to ‘meet the artist’ and have  even more stuff to talk to your friends about when they comment on your new amazing artwork hanging in your beautiful home.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: It’s a big commitment buying an original painting. I offer a try before you buy service where you send me a photo of the wall you want to hang it on, and I magically put my painting on your photo so you can see it in your home. (Alright, it’s not really magic, just a bit of photoshop but its still pretty darn cool!)
Why do I charge for this service? Because it takes time and energy on my part, and if you are a serious buyer, it’s highly worth the minimal $5 cost to ensure it’s what you want.

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Where the light gets in – Series 1. Painting 1.

Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches


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