Love softcover book


A book about navigating the field of love



Love – softcover book

Have you had your heart disappointed too many times that the thought of loving again feels out of reach?

Love makes the world go round, or so they say, but when you believe love is missing from your life, then that saying just plain sucks.

  • Rediscover how to love again
  • Bring hope for your broken or disappointed heart
  • Hold your heart safely as you learn to love again
  • Teach your little ones a bit of what loving someone really involves

Through Shirley’s adorable and clever illustrations, using predator and prey animal pairings, we are taken on an exploration of love through hope, friendship, acceptance and vulnerability, to name a few, as we learn what it is to love others, ourselves and life. Full of witty and wise rhyming verse and a menagerie of delightful animals it’s hard not to fall in love with this classic.

A truly magical and loving experience for both kids and adults.” Andrea Gratton


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