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A book that delicately touches on the emotions left when we loose a loved one.



Loss – paperback

I feel your hurt, your pain, your sadness, your grief so deeply. At times you wonder how you will make it to the next moment, or if you will ever feel happy again. Loosing something or someone you hold close to your heart it one of the hardest things in the world to live with. Words fail, gestures fall short, sorrow consumes.

Loss is one of those rare books that brings comfort during times of sadness, grief and when you are just lost for words.

  • The perfect gift for when you don’t know what to say when someone you love is grieving.
  • Bringing you a moment of comfort that will get you from one breath to the next.
  • A glimmer of light in the darkest times.
  • A conversation starter for the little ones in your life that are experiencing loss.
  • A way to help bring comfort and peace to the pain and sorrow.

Through Shirley’s sensitive exploration of the different stages of grief, told through the lives of the animals, beautifully and tenderly illustrated, this book brings comfort to your heart and a tiny ray of light in the darkest of times. This is one of those gifts that says you care and lets the other person know you are thinking of them dearly, even if you haven’t got the words to express it in person.

It makes a perfect companion and conversation starter for the whole family when faced with any type of loss, death or grief.


Evocative, sensitive and comforting – this book is the equivalent of a snuggle blanket on a cold dark night.” Nadya Coffman


This is a huge testimonial for the amazingly talented Shirley Harvey. I’ve just read her beautiful heart healing book called Loss. Its exceptionally well written, with gorgeous art work. I would thoroughly recommend this for children as well as adults. It has so much to offer on a subject that is rarely spoken of in such a gentle and impactive manner. It is definitely a 5* + read with the most empathic illustrations drawn by the author. I cannot recommend her book enough. Ill be reading some more of her work soon. Thank you Shirley for this great resource” Annie Day MSc. Cert. Med. Ed. CEO of Heaven Scent Bliss


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