Let it Be ebook


A book about life, emotions and not quite everything.


Let it be – ebook

Have you lost your sense of humour when it comes to riding the emotional rollercoaster of life? Do you struggle to just let it be, and try and control things, only to struggle further.

Well, now you can let it be…. or not…with this amusing take on emotions and being human, with a smile on your face.

  • Rediscover how to just ‘be’ again.
  • Remind yourself how to enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that is your life
  • Laugh at the ridiculousness of life
  • Give your heart and soul a sprinkling of whimsy and fun
  • Reignite your sense of humour.

In this thought provoking and sweetly amusing book, Shirley and the animals explore some of the bitter sweet moments and emotions of life through adorable illustrations and amusing and insightful rhyming verse. Be it a bumble bee with a broken leg, or the love between a fox and a whale, or a fight between a lamb and a lion, there is plenty to comfort, amuse and open conversation with in this charming book.

A delightful comfort blanket of animal characters, reassuringly warm and whimsical, written to brighten your day and make your inner child smile.”ย Mark Flint-Freel


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