Joy ebook


A book about finding joy from within you.


Joy – ebook

Feeling miserable or down in the dumps? Got a bad case of the blues? Or just want more reasons to laugh and smile?

Then look no further than Joy. Joy, silliness and fun abound with this endearing collection of rhyming verse and playful animals as they help you reconnect to your inner child and remind you how to tap into simple joy and pleasure.

  • Reconnect with your childlike nature
  • Remember how to be silly for silliness sake
  • Laugh and smile more as you follow the steps inside
  • Turn off the blues music and play some Farrell Williams instead

In this ebook shirley explores a number of different ways to bring more joy into our lives and to reconnect with our inner child, as always, each verse is full of wisdom and humour, and is accompanied by an array of amusing and adorable animals beautifully brought to life through Shirley’s witty and whimsical illustrations.

Thank you for introducing me to my quirky, funny and wise animal friends. Whenever I need a β€˜pick-me-up’ I know I can turn to Panda, Zebra, Hedgehog and Sloth and they will bring me joy, happiness, love and laughter.” Sian-Elin Jones


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