Grow softcover book


A motivational book with a difference that will entertain, make you giggle and bring you wisdom to help you succeed.



Grow – softcover book

Have you got big dreams that still feel a long way off, or big ambitions, but wonder if you’ll ever succeed?

If yes, then this book is for you. It will:

  • Remind you of all you need to know to succeed in life
  • Will make your dreams feel in reach again
  • Will motivate you to get up off the floor and keep going
  • Will comfort you when you’re on the floor
  • Will put a smile on your face when its face planted into the floor.

Remind yourself how to achieve your best in life without having to read long long long boring motivational books and blog posts, with this amusing, habit inducing, rhyming and illustrated guide to success complete with a host of highly successful and some not so successful animals, trying their best whatever their circumstances.

Funny, sweet, insightful and informative, this book serves as a joyful ‘how to’ and a gentle pick me up, when reaching our goals seems an impossible task.” Josh Ubaldi


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