Hi! I’m shirley,

I’m an author, artist, illustrator and creator of all you will find here. I’m a mother to a beautiful, energetic boy and 2 adorable fur babies. It’s my passion to eat chocolate, and make people feel as good as they would if they could eat chocolate without any calories or consequences, through my art and writing.

My passion is to remind you how utterly perfect and whole you are just as you are. To remind you of the immense powerful light inside you. To bring you home to yourself, accepting who and what you made of. Reminding you that you are made from the same stuff that was at the beginning of time, at the Big Bang, the whole of creation. All that stardust and potentiality lies in you, and I help remind you of that through my art, through my books, through my illustrations.

From a simple smile on your face when you look at one of my illustrations, warming and uplifting your heart, to an immersion in the light of who you are reflected back to you in a beautiful pice of art, or just the right words you need to hear, delivered in a loving humorous way, just when you need them, through my books and oracles.

Here you will find books, ebooks and prints to bring laughter, smiles and love into your home.